Established in 2004, MXP JSC has progressively developed from a business with initial scale of over 100 employees, after over 14 years, became a great family of more than 15,000 employees. Today, MXP is proud to be one of the biggest players in Vietnam’s textile industry, taking care of more than fifteen thousand families.

MXP’s strategy in the coming period is to continually innovate and invest in development, especially prioritizing in hi-tech products with the aim of increasing export turnover and foreign currency flow into the homeland. In line with the trend of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, MXP is constantly updating with the world’s state-of-the-art technology trends, step by step developing to become the "smart factory” of the textile industry.



On the 20th January of 2004, headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam


Total scale

15,000 employees (2018)



All revenue to total export turnover of Vietnam


6 Factories

With a total area of 47.2 ha, located in Thai Binh Province, Vietnam


2 Development centers

With around 700 staff


“To be one of the leading garment companies in
Innovation and Production”


“We accompany our clients’ development and take care of our
employees’ families to the highest degree”

Maintain annual growth rate of over 30%

Employ up to 20,000 people by 2020

Assure the lives of our people and their families

Enhance the high proportion of innovation and technology in our product portfolio

Accompany our clients from R&D to production

Compliance with professional manners

Take responsibility for the impact of our activities on clients, employees, communities and the environment

Hướng đến con người

Each member of MXP has equal opportunities and conditions to develop the ability and passion towards a better life. We take care of each other as family members

Sáng tạo

We are constantly innovating machinery and improving business processes; as well as proactively seeking and applying new technological solutions

Giá trị cốt lõi
Giá trị cốt lõi

Ở MXP, triết lý kinh doanh của chúng tôi xoay quanh “Sự quan tâm”.

Thân thiện môi trường

We always build a GREEN working environment

Trách nhiệm

We commit to take responsibility for the impact of our activities on clients, employees, communities and the environment

Linh hoạt

We are continually developing and already trending, while being flexibility in corporate governance


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